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December 24, 2020

Do you know what is more powerful than gratitude? It is the power of complaining. Yes, complaining is more, if not equally, powerful to gratitude. It can put you in a state of victimhood. It can handicap you mentally. Once there was a rich man who was sitting in his luxury car. While waiting at...

May 6, 2020

Are you completely satisfied with whatever you have? Do you think rich people are? Do you think acquiring objects, fame, comforts will ever make you a fulfilled human being? I don’t think so. If that was true there would have been no mental health counselors for the successful ones. Money alone won’t fix our problems....

March 23, 2020

Children bewilder their parents with all kinds of questions. They just want to know everything about everything. We were also like that once. But, what happened as we grew up? Why did we loose our curiosity?  Why are we not questioning life anymore? We accepted the societal and cultural norms that were installed in us...

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