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We ask thought provoking questions that bring new insights. Then, we work on figuring out appropriate goals, provide methods to accelerate growth, fill worksheets, and find clarity.
What a typical session looks like?

Coaches asks provoking questions that bring new insights to the client. We collectively work on figuring out appropriate goals and methods to accelerate your growth in all areas of their life. We fill up workbooks, discuss general issues, find clarity etc. so that the you can move ahead in their life confidently, enthusiastically, and gracefully.

(Although Life Coaching is a different field still sessions might at times go a bit into the zone of emotional healing, trauma therapy, counselling etc.)

How can I prepare for a life coaching session?

You don’t have to do anything as such. You will be given some simple exercises which will boost your self-awareness and set the direction for the sessions. However, we expect you to be open to new possibilities and having breakthrough conversations. Also, try to be receptive to new ideas and information while maintaining a respectable attitude.

What if this is my first time and I am feeling little anxious?

Whenever we try something new fear comes up. It is human nature. However, everything great lies on the other side of fear. Most people (incl. myself) become coaches because we want to use our skills and abilities to serve, love and heal others. We will be one of the most non-judgmental, warm and charming people you will ever meet.

How can I get the best out of sessions?

Play full out and go all in. Stop hiding and start expressing. There is strength in being open and vulnerable. It creates space for all healing to happen. Furthermore, always feel free to stop and ask as many questions as you like.

What is the duration of the session? And how much is the gap between two sessions?

Sessions will go on for around 1-1.5 hour. At the end of every session you would be required to take few action steps. Once, you take those steps we will collectively decide our next session date. Usually, sessions happen after every two weeks.

Why I should consider working with you?

We understand the place you are in as we have been there. We have pulled ourselves out and don’t want to see anybody else there. We don’t claim that we have it all the answers. But, we know how to get out of there. We have created structures, exercise and new knowledge, which will definitely accelerate the pace of your growth. We just want to share it with you. We are just trying to be the entity that we needed by us during our early journey when we felt completely lost.

Why do you believe in Private Coaching Sessions so much?

Our work together will be intense and deep. Personalized one-on-one coaching will uncover your hidden blocks and gives you the tools you need to succeed.

One medicine doesn’t work for everyone. In our sessions, People suffering their own individuality due to too little self-esteem will be told to repeat the affirmation – I Am Enough. However, the people suffering in their relationships due to too much ego might be told to repeat the affirmation – I Am Not Enough.

Therefore, whatever advice is given to a specific individual works specifically for that individual. Just the way doctors first diagnose and identify the problem and then treat by giving the right medicine for that particular problem. Similarly, guidance is given to the client which is specifically applicable and beneficial to them only. We design unique solutions that are completely relevant and meaningful to an individual.