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December 24, 2020by Chirag Garg0

Before we understand the whole idea of living consciously. It is important to understand the meaning of becoming conscious. It simply means – becoming aware. But, one might ask aware about what? The answer is – of who we truly are.

Ancients have said that the world is Maya (illusion) and we are limited to our mind and body. We all intuitively know that this piece of flesh and thoughts happening in our minds doesn’t define us. We are much more than that. After Buddha got enlightened, people asked him: what have you achieved? He said – I was sleeping all my life. Now, I am woken up. I am awake.

That wakefulness to our own real nature is what we are referring to when we say becoming conscious, and living consciously is about leading a life that takes us towards the realization of our true self. In the yogic culture, it is said that there are 4 ways of leading a conscious life. We can either introspect and study – who we really are, or surrender our ego through devotion, or we can lead a life of selfless service, or raise our life force to it’s ultimate through yogic practices.

By becoming more conscious, we are able to solve our problems at the most fundamental level. It leads to higher levels of fulfillment & contentment in our lives. It also helps us to shift from a victim mentality to a responsible living. Therefore, when we live consciously, we automatically work for the well-being of everyone.

It is said that when we become fully conscious of who we truly are, we experience everything and everyone as the same. We realize that fundamentally at the level of the source, we are all one. When we see everything as a part of ourselves, nobody has to tell us to not harm others, live responsibly, etc. We automatically take care of everything. We automatically become kind and loving.

In conclusion, becoming conscious is about seeking, realizing, and finally operating from the very source of our being. It is a solution to all the crises that we individually as well as globally are going through. On daily basis, If we wish to start living more consciously, we can immediately start by doing the following:

  • Practise Yoga & Meditation
  • Study Mindfulness
  • Write Down Your Thoughts
  • Listen To Enlightened Masters
  • Spend Time With Spiritual People
  • Spend Time In Nature
  • Hire A Wellness Coach

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