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A typical spiritual journey which involing buddhist philosophy, himalayan meditations, soul searching etc. leading to healing, fulfillment and bliss.

My Story

A few years ago, being an over-thinker, I was on a cusp of a mental breakdown. I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life but knew that I didn’t want to climb the corporate ladder and become a part of the same rat race that so many people complain about. I hit a new low within myself and went through what is typically called existential crises. I wanted to know the meaning and purpose of life. More importantly, I wanted to know and explore myself. I had a thick book full of questions inside my head and didn’t know where to go. So, I started with reading some random self-help articles to get rid of my overwhelming emotions.

I was never the kind of person who believed in religion, ritual, worship, etc. but one day, I stumbled upon a few teachings of Buddha. The logical approach of attaining peace appealed to my mind therefore, I started studying Buddhism. Even Steve Jobs wanted to become a Buddhist monk before starting Apple so I thought there must be something to these things then. I was also amazed by the clarity and depth of Buddha’s teachings and his understanding of the human mind. Therefore, I couldn’t help but study more. I soon made him the central focus of my life and became so obsessed that I even trimmed my hair, broke up from my 5-year-old relationship, started practicing celibacy and became a minimalist. I was all set to walk in the shoes of a monk and giving up materialism all of a sudden seemed the best way to be. As I intensely kept on digging deeper, I came across some meditation techniques that helped me in discovering hidden parts of human consciousness. On studying and practicing further, I even witnessed a complete transformation in my own perception of life.

I have been obsessively educating myself and have invested a lot of resources into analyzing spiritual, holistic wellness, and personal growth industries. I have learned various methods of growth and healing. Now, with my intellectual and experiential knowledge of our essential nature, I want to assist as many people as I can on their personal growth journey. I work on various levels including physical, breath, mental, emotional and energy. I am committed to freeing people from the shackles of their own doubt, denial and hatred so that they can clearly listen to the voice of their soul and give it a truly authentic and fulfilling expression.