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April 8, 2020by Chirag Garg0

An article on business insider published on June 16, 2019 reported that how more millennials are dying “deaths of despair” i.e. deaths related to drugs, alcohol, and suicide. It mentioned that millennials don’t always have someone to share the mental burden with as they like to marry late and are less connected to any political or religious community. I argue that not having a lot of social support is not the main concern. We are not taught how to manage our inner and outer wellbeing. I believe One of the easiest way of enhancing human wellbeing is to bring them back to nature. One of the biggest difference between our current lifestyle and our evolutionary past is that due to urbanisation, we have created a huge gap between us and nature. Today, not a lot of young people are spending their weekends hiking mountains.

I have been travelling up and down various Himalayan mountains and I haven’t met anybody in my entire life who doesn’t feel good in a natural setting. Although the amount of serenity one experiences may vary. But, everyone do feel rejuvenated in some way. Walking in nature has been scientifically proven to reduce activity in our prefrontal cortex region, part of brain associated with rumination (a problem described often in depressive and anxiety disorders). I have found myself wondering many time that why does this happenn to us? Why do we feel connected with nature? Why do sights of beautiful mountain ranges or forest trails makes us happy? How are we connected to nature?

From this curiosity and enthusiasm, a new realisation dawned upon me.  I started to realise that the body that we call ourselves.. is not actually separate entity. It is an extension of the planet itself. Now, I know for sure that the realisation of being one with nature is the most beautiful experience a human being can have. It is my wish that each and everyone of us on this planet get it.

Chirag Garg

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