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May 6, 2020by Chirag Garg0

Are you completely satisfied with whatever you have? Do you think rich people are? Do you think acquiring objects, fame, comforts will ever make you a fulfilled human being? I don’t think so. If that was true there would have been no mental health counselors for the successful ones.

Money alone won’t fix our problems. We need to manage many other areas of our lives consciously. When it comes to the outside alone, other than the money we also need close relationships, friendships, purpose, quality, etc.¬†Lockdown pushed us to take our inner wellbeing a little more seriously. Usually, under the noise of the outside world, our inner voice used to die off. However, these days for a lot of us, it is up, loud, and overly active.¬†Hopefully, we can use this time a little more productively by enhancing ourselves and developing new skills. I am sure that we can get through this gracefully.

Here is the list of a few things that I feel are important when it comes to mastering our inner and outer wellbeing:

  1. Learn Meditation: Frequently go into deeper states of tranquility, equanimity and bliss.
  2. Quick Learner: Consume educational content as much as possible and apply it into your life.
  3. Emotional Management: Become emotionally independent and don’t rely on anyone or anything else to make you happy.
  4. Character Building: Move towards people who help you build a great character.
  5. Creativity: Have a creative outlet and explore various art forms before picking up the one that works for you.
  6. Discernment: Learn to differentiate between right and wrong, good and bad, true and false etc. on your own.
  7. Personality Hacking: Learn to read people and their intensions so that you can separate genuine and authentic ones from fake and toxic ones.
  8. Wealth Creation: Find an ethical way to be financially independent.
  9. Networking: Learn to use the power of your words and build a huge network. It is said that your network is your real net worth.
  10. Unselfish Service: Never make it all. about yourself, learn to live for others.

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