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April 15, 2020by Chirag Garg0

Did you know that ever since the ancient times people have attained peaks of human wellbeing by simply practicing yoga? Did you know even you could easily accelerate the speed of your evolution by practicing some kind of spiritual sadhana or yogic practice? ?
A lot of us mistake yoga for gymnastics. However, that’s not the case. ✖
Yoga is the most sacred, sophisticated and systematic way of exploring our true inner self. ?

There are innumerable benefits of practising yoga. Here are dozen of them:

1. Insights Into Our Essential Nature: We don’t really know who we are beyond this mind & body. Practising yoga leads to higher self awareness and leads us to self-discovery.

2. Insights Into The Nature of Reality: Just the way we don’t really know who we are at our core. Similarly, we don’t really know the true nature of reality. Quantum physicists are saying that matter is not real and is just an appearance. Once we zoom into the atoms we realise that reality is not what we think it is. Yoga gives up insights into what it actually is.

3. Pushes Us Towards Our Ultimate Liberation: We are living in cycles. We wake up, carry out our habits and go back to sleep only to do it again. If we want to free ourselves from it. We have start treading on the path go yoga.

4. Aligns Body With Rest of The Cosmos: The geometry of the body can be aligned with the larger cosmic geometry. There is enormous science behind how our bodies are affected by the phases of the moon. Ancients even beloved that planetary positions affects us directly.

5. Heightened Awareness & Concentration: Due to social media, our attention spans are getting smaller. Many of us can’t even read a book fully. However, developing one-pointed concentration can do wonders for us.

6. Harmonises Energy Imbalances: We tend to have agitated mind leading to irritation, anger bursts, over reactions etc. With yoga, we can address these issues at their fundamental level and attain a state of tranquility and bliss.

7. Sharpened Senses: Yoga increases our sensitivity, receptivity and perceptivity in a big way. We become more able to enjoy life and are able to live fully.

8. Higher Emotional Intelligence: As we introspect we look deeper into our own mind get to know how typical human mind functions. This leads to a new kind of emotional maturity.

9. Relieves From Various Mental Illnesses: In a society where stress, depression and anxiety have become a common part of the culture, going back to our roots and reviving the science of yoga has become a necessity.

10. Enhances Sleep Quality: We don’t generally realise that our waking, dreaming & sleeping states are actually one. Yoga brings new depth and clarity to all the states.

11. Enhances Overall Quality of Life: People who practise yoga have higher sense of invigoration, acceptance and relaxation which results in we becoming a better human being; and the kind of human being we are directly changes the quality of our lives.

12. Improves Flexibility & Balance: Yoga has been completely misinterpreted as a form of gymnastics these days which is just completely wrong. It is very ancient science of transforming a human being and preparing them for higher possibilities. However, practise of haha yoga specifically does help in increasing our flexibility.



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